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What you'll need to do


Access to Online Classes is via Zoom app.


Zoom is a leading software that will allow us to demonstrate to you online via your mobile phones, laptops or tablets.


You will need to download the Zoom app if you have not already got this. From experience, I would advise downloading the app a couple of days before the class, so you have it ready to go. You can download the app from the link below.


  • Private 1-1 & group classes available 

  • Online 

From Absolute Beginners up, we aim to create inclusive and fun classes for everyone at The Barn. If you are looking for a new way to keep fit & active our ballet classes will put a spring in your step. We offer classes from Absolute Beginners to Intermediate to cater for all ages (16+) and all levels. 

Benefits of Ballet: Increase your muscle tone and strength, as well as your flexibility, agility and balance. Ballet builds core strength and stability, and improves posture, coordination and control. Come along and experience the joys of movement/dancing.


  • Silver Swans Ballet 55+

  • Ballet Foundations

  • Ballet 1

  • Ballet 2


Absolute Beginners/Beginners

In these somewhat challenging times, it is more important than ever to keep yourself physically fit, and mentally active. The release of endorphins is just one reason that medical professionals recommend exercise as a way to improve lifestyle while increasing overall fitness. The comradery from an online class is a lovely way to feel a form of social connection, with a common goal. If you don't want to join us alone, why not join with a friend - and unlike physical classes, you don't need to live in the same place to have a shared experience. 

​About our classes

  • Silver Swans™ classes are designed to help the older learner enjoy movement and dance for lifelong wellbeing

  • They are inclusive and are tailored to meet the level of mobility for all individuals.


Absolute Beginners/Beginners

This class follows the traditional structure of a ballet class, with a gentle cardio, low impact warm up, followed by barre exercises, centre practice and a cool down/stretch/relaxation closing section. A full body workout. A non-intimidating beginner class, suitable for those with a little dance experience/maybe you danced as a child, as well as absolute beginners/no experience necessary.



Suitable for both Improvers and those with some previous dance/ballet experience. Also a great class for those wishing to take there dancing skills up a step from previous Absolute Beginners Classes/Classes they attended many moons ago. Dust off those shoes and join us for a fun ballet class. We follow a traditional ballet class structure and we work on; a gentle warm up, posture and alignment, musicality, basic positions of the arms and feet, a series of exercises at the ballet barre, followed by centre work, reverence and a gentle/relaxing cool down.


Mixed Level

Suitable for those with previous dance experience will enjoy the continuation of beginners level ballet into this intermediate level. Progressing at a comfortable pace while increasing strength and flexibility. Centre floor combinations will be introduced slowly in the Beginning-Intermediate level so that students who have not danced recently will feel comfortable. 



What to wear: 

  • Something you can move freely in; leisurewear/sportswear. 

  • Bare-feet, socks, grip-socks or ballet shoes. 

What do I need for my online class:

  • A desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet that has an internet connection and connected camera.

  • A chair/bookshelf/wall/anything you can hold for a bit of support, acting as your ballet barre.

  • Water

Please note: You should consult your GP/physician or other health care professional before starting exercise classes or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs

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