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Zoe is a certified Pilates and Classical Ballet Instructor with international teaching experience and a background in professional dance.

Zoe is client-focused and enjoys working with people of all ages. She has experience in dealing with a variety of conditions from simple strains and sprains to complicated post-surgical cases. She especially loves to work with clients on an individual or small group basis, to identify their needs, and equip them with the confidence and capability to help to execute personalised movement strategies built on correct body alignment and muscle recruitment, to lead healthier and happier lifestyles.

Zoe has an appreciation for core strength and balance in supporting correct posture and conditioning the body for long endurance sport as well as everyday functional activities. She believes in training clients to become the strongest, most confident and passionate athletes they can be; at all levels. 


Continuing her love for movement, Zoe has taught across the UK and Singapore, training children and adults in Classical Ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance. With a technical basis in strengthening, stretching, lengthening, and a focus on precise movement, Zoe strives to combine her Pilates knowledge, with her indepth knowledge of the Classical Ballet technique to create safe, holistic and challenging classes for all.


Zoe’s background and training in professional dance led her to perform extensively for 7 years in the musical theatre industry; working alongside Broadway and West End choreographers and directors. Throughout her career as a dancer, Zoe turned to Pilates to manage a series of repetitive strain injuries. Her trust and first hand experience of the positive health and wellbeing benefits of Pilates led her to dedicate herself to a career in Pilates and coaching all ages in a range of dance styles from; classical ballet, jazz, musical theatre to tap.


Zoe is passionate about helping people overcome injury and eliminate pain; she dedicates her time to helping clients achieve their goals. Adding focus, determination and without a doubt humour into her classes; Zoe wishes to help her clients to find their focus, to push through self limiting boundaries and to set new goals.

  • RAD RTS Classical Ballet Teacher

  • Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor

  • Pre & Postnatal Pilates Certified

  • BA (Hons) in Theatre Dance 

  • PBT Certified

  • IDTA Associate Teacher
    - Enhanced DBS Certificate

  • First Aid Certified 2020

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