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Private Pilates sessions are for anyone wanting to take advantage of an entirely bespoke programme. For a personalised pilates experience, private sessions are the way to go. 


As the name suggests, the ‘reformer’ is a wonderful piece of Pilates equipment that can be used to ‘reform’ your body. One of the most adaptable pieces of equipment in a studio, it allows you to lengthen and strengthen simultaneously whilst working all of your body.

It comprises of a bed-like frame with a flat platform (carriage) which rolls forwards and backwards. Springs are attached to the carriage and can be adjusted to different levels of resistance, depending on what exercise is being performed. There are a limitless selection of exercises for all body parts, that can be practised in sitting, standing, lying and kneeling positions. Reformers are adjustable for different body sizes and levels of skill.

The reformer machine can help improve strength and flexibility by facilitating your body to work through an increased range of motion, for more efficient movement day to day. Pilates practised on the reformer can help to improve muscle control of the spine, pelvis, shoulder girdle and address muscular imbalances; improving posture.

  • Release tension

  • Increase overall strength and flexibility

  • Alleviate aches and pains

  • Re-energise and revitalise

  • Improve your posture and alignment

  • Relax your body and mind

Please note: You should consult your GP/physician or other health care professional before starting exercise classes or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs

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