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Covid Protocol

Your wellbeing is our priority at The Barn: we have procedures in place to offer you a safe space based on respect and care. We follow recommended Government and UK Active guidelines throughout our Studio and we will be implementing the following protocol based on our risk assessment.


We thank you for your patience and support. We are looking forward to welcoming you into the studio. 




  • Complete our Covid-19 Health Declaration form online


  • Book your class in advance either online or on the phone 


  • Arrive only at the specified class time (clients arriving early will be asked to wait outside the studio) 


  • Clinically vulnerable clients are asked to attend virtual classes at this time, instead of attending classes at the studio 


  • Avoid public transport when travelling to classes and appointment if possible


  • Arrive wearing Pilates/Dance appropriate clothing 


  • Grip socks are required throughout the studio (ok for new clients to wear ordinary socks for your very first class) Grip socks can be purchased online or at the studio 


  • Masks are required to enter the studio (you will be able to remove your mask during exercise) 


  • Bring your own personal water bottle


  • All teachers and staff must ensure they are symptom free. If a member of staff comes into contact with anyone with Covid-19 or develops symptoms they must follow self-isolation guidelines



  • Put your mask on before entering the studio, masks can be taken off once you have arrived in the studio 


  • Clean your hands using alcohol gel from the hand sanitation station at the entrance 


  • Follow the one way system when entering and exiting the studio 


  • Maintain a minimum of 2m distance from one another 


  • Lockers and changing rooms are not available 


  • Use one of the clear plastic boxes provided to store shoes and personal belongings. Please clean the box before and after use with the disinfectant spray or wipes provided




  • Each reformer is provided with disinfectant wipes/cleaning products


  • Clean your reformer or piece of equipment with the disinfectant spray or wipes provided. Sanitise your hands before and after class 


  • You can remove your mask once you are ready to exercise 


  • The teacher will wear a visor or mask and maintain 2m+ social distancing


  • There will be no tactile corrections (hands-on trainer correction) during the class 


  • All props have been temporarily removed from the studio

  • Where possible the windows and doors will be open to increase ventilation





  • Put your mask on before leaving your class, masks must be worn at all times in common areas


  • Clean your clear plastic box after use with the disinfectant spray or wipes provided and leave it in the allocated area 


  • Teachers will need time to fulfil the necessary cleaning/disinfection between classes 


  • Follow the one way system when leaving the studio


  • A sufficient gap will be left between classes to ensure rigorous cleaning

  • Teachers will sanitise all contact surfaces, cleaning with disinfectant spray or wipes 

  • Teachers will wash their hands according to NHS guidelines before and after each class 

  • Where possible the windows and doors will be open to increase ventilation

  • Cleaning in the Studio will be rigorous between classes and sessions, and also overnight.



  • Toilets will be available (3 x Women’s and 3 x Men’s)





  • Masks are not required for clients during class, though you are welcome to wear one if you prefer.


The Teacher will wear the following PPE: 

  • Visor/mask for close contact procedures within 2m (visor to be cleaned with antibacterial spray or wipe between clients)




We have fully risk assessed the Studio in line with government reopening guidance. The results of the assessment have been shared with our staff



What do I do if I feel unwell?


If you are unwell, symptomatic or have tested positive for coronavirus, do not attend the studio. Please follow government regulation on isolating for the minimum period of time, and only return after this minimum period if you are feeling well again.

As per government guidelines, we ask that you take reasonable personal responsibility for your own hygiene and safety when in our Studio.

How will you keep members safe that are still seen to be higher risk?

We want all of our clients to feel safe in the studio space. As such, all clients must continue to follow the advice of the Government and the NHS. This includes ‘shielding’ for any vulnerable people, such as those with breathing difficulties, or other medical conditions which can mean that they are at higher risk as a result of COVID-19. 

Are your staff required to wear PPE?

Our employees are required to wear PPE as determined by our risk assessment. Our employees are fully trained on when to wear PPE and how to put it on and take it off correctly. When identifying the requirement for PPE we have taken into consideration advice from the Government and national health services, as well as international health services such as the World Health Organisation. 

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